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Proof of Clearance for the Fulfillment of Rules of Practice for Piercing and Tattooing

“A medical intervention” – a piercing tattoo or permanent make-up is a medical intervention which automatically bears certain risks.

To minimize the risks of infection for both the customer and the executing staff, certain measures have to be taken to prevent the risk of infection or the transmission of pathogens.

This is regulated in the Federal Minister for Science and Work’s Order “Rules of Practice for Pedicure, Cosmetic and Massage by Tradepersons BGBI. II Nr. 262/2008”.

In §4 the order demands an annual Proof of Clearance by an accredited body which tests and attests the compliance of hygiene-relevant requirements regarding the equipment, materials used and processes at piercing, tattooing and applying permanent make-up.

Our qualified inspectors examine your studio for the Proof of Clearance which has to be filed to relevant authorities annually. Furthermore, our know-how regarding the correct application and handling of various disinfectants and goods to plan and work optimized and more cost-effective in the future.

After a successful inspection and testing we grant your studio the approved HygCen Group test seal. Due to the annual monitoring, the test seal becomes an integrated element of your marketing. In combination with the test seal you receive a Proof of Clearance as a conformation of your studio’s tested high quality. This quality standard does not only create customer trust, but also functions as valuable access to a global quality guarantee – whereby reputation and competence always come first.