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All services that serve the purpose of HygCen as a medical obligation, but are not permitted under the accreditation according to EN 17025 and EN 17020, are in cooperation with the


SynCen GmbH- Synergy Centrum for economic quality co-ordination

Expert- and service center

for the medical and consumer sector with emphasis

medical device and medical product safety


executed. Thus, consultations, project developments and overall hygiene care in

  • hospitals
  • facilities for outpatient surgery
  • preventive or rehabilitation facilities
  • dialysis facilities
  • clinics
  • established practices
  • food industry
  • health and wellness tourism
  • and other facilities

are possible.

The SynCen experts (specialists for hygiene and hygienists) support the individual prevention of infection, the development and implementation of hygiene management, based on the current state of science and technology, as well as the current legal requirements.