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Due to the many years of national and international activities in the various expert committees HygCen is the leading Testing Institute for all relevant test methods. We assist you in the selection of the necessary test methods or European standards for the successful realization of your product developments or final products.

Bactericidal - Fungicidal - Virucidal - Sporicidal Efficacy for e.g.:

  • Hand disinfection
  • Surface disinfection
  • Instrument disinfection
  • Laundry disinfection

The microbiological requirements on disinfectants result from their areas of application and the test organisms and viruses used for disinfectant testing.

Annex V of the Biocidal Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 defines in the main group 1 biocidal products "disinfectants".

It is necessary to actually select effective disinfectants and antiseptics, this applies in particular for the medical sector, be it for the hospital or private practices, for the field of veterinary medicine, the food industry, in the production and processing, tourism, as well as in public sectors and household applications.

It is essential to distinguish between killing respectively inactivating or only growth inhibitory processes. Therefore specific standardized test methods according to European standards, but also according to national requirements are required or have to be in compliance depending on the test ordered. Only due to the particularly high degree of standardization, the results are accordingly significant.

Due to the continuity and routine in all test methods with respect to the virucidal, bactericidal, antifungal, algaecide, bacteriostatic, fungistatic, algistatic efficacy, we are also able to detect very fine variants of the products formulations while testing. The tests are carried out not only according to specific standards, but also under practically relevant contaminations respectively on specific carrier materials.


While disinfectants are used to interrupt transmission pathways, antiseptics are used for reducing bacteria on the body respectively in human or animal tissue. Here, the intended use of antiseptics is ensured under specific conditions or loads by the particular testings. Antiseptics are of great importance not only in preventive use, but also to assist the healing process of humans and animals.

Economically Efficient Tests

According to your needs we want to reduce the extent of testing to a degree thus your interest is actually optimally fulfilled. There are various ways in which, by stepwise efficacy evaluation, on one hand test costs and, by simultaneous processing of similar disinfectants, the testing effort on the other hand can be reduced.

The test reports are issued in two languages (e.g. German / English). This not only cuts costs, but also time, as various reworkings (e.g. descriptions / translations) can be omitted.