Reprocessing centers

  • Medical devices
  • Materials
  • Textiles

There are special requirements in terms of purity and hygiene are put on medical devices/materials/textiles in hospitals. In the case of reprocessable medical devices/materials/textiles, the quality management system of the reprocessing determines the quality of the final product. Secure and qualified reprocessing steps must be taken so that the medical devices/materials/textiles meet the requirements every time that they reach the user. HygCen uses methodological normative methods to test whether medical devices/materials/textiles are hygienically clean, disinfected, and sterile after their reprocessing. In addition to the individual steps, one special service provided by HygCen is the comprehensive evaluation of the entire reprocessing process through inspections, validations, and tests from a single source. HygCen can thereby assume the technical responsibility not only for individual substeps but for the entire process.

With the objectives of quality assurance taking into account the latest state of science and technology, the further developments of test methods, and the sponsoring of studies, HygCen has developed a future-oriented four-stage plan for the securing and reprocessing of medical devices/materials/textiles:

  • Analysis
  • Support of the ongoing reprocessing process
  • Troubleshooting
  • Validation of the reprocessing procedures

This enables you to provide a complete and integrated result. Speed, flexibility, sufficient capacities, and mobile test sets for on-site tests are required and standard. The individual readiness of employees enables you to rapidly obtain well-founded results with special attention paid to the fact that operational procedures are disrupted as little as possible and any idle time is avoided. This naturally also gives you a special economic advantage. Experience shows that the efficiency of reprocessing can be optimized through regular studies and support for quality assurance.