Production facilities

  • Hospitals
  • Retirement homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Food sector

There are special requirements with regard to the cleanliness and hygiene of clothing in hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, healthcare facilities, and the food sector. In order to ensure that the laundry is hygienically clean and disinfected and no more germs are present after its reprocessing, we check the reprocessing of textiles in laundries according to the modern European RABC concept and thereby ensure quality-assured hygienic purity of the textiles.

With the actual state analysis, support of the ongoing reprocessing process, troubleshooting, and validation of the reprocessing procedure, laundries can effectively monitor and control their processes and can therefore always provide optimum hygienic product quality as well as prove this. This system enables you to provide a complete and integrated result. The individual readiness of employees enables you to rapidly obtain well-founded results with special attention paid to the fact that operational procedures are disrupted as little as possible and any idle time is avoided. This naturally also gives you a special economic advantage.
Experience shows that the efficiency of reprocessing can be optimized through regular studies and support for quality assurance.